Support when using ZW 5

When you start using ZW5 for your regatta for the first time, and are not familiar with it, then please don’t wait until the last evening before your event starts to try things out. I will help if I have time, but asking me to look at things at the last minute may turn out to be a problem.

Please find a quick start guide below.
This manual is permanently incomplete, but I’ll try to add as much content in it as I can, mostly triggered by your questions. Some parts are finished, some parts are incomplete, but I’ll update this as often as I can.

Last update date: 2-7-2021

You can contact me through my Facebook page (see menu on the right) or mail me at zwscoring[at]zw-scoring[dot]nl. Replace the [at] by @ and [dot] by . before sending the mail.

ZW 5 is available for download now!

Dear ZW users,

After almost three years of intense development I feel it’s high time to release ZW 5. You can find it on the download page but please read my releasenotes below first, they contain important information.

While working on ZW I realized once more how much work Leo Eggink has done and how happy I am that I could save his work.

As a developer on a system with more than a thousand registered users, my intention was to deliver you a 100% remake of the old ZW 4. This turned out to be an impossible task, due to the sheer size and complexity of the whole program. I also had to design and implement a lot of new stuff just to manage and support the new technical environment in which ZW 5 runs.

So, although it’s not completely done, I feel I can’t wait any longer with releasing it. New RSS rules (well, only a small change, but nevertheless), users that are starting to look for alternatives and stretched patience of a large, loyal , user group urge me to move forward. I have confidence this version will work fine for most users.

What still needs to be done?
– All documentation
– IMS/ORC Options
– Some output lists
– Some lesser used functionality
– A bunch of backlogged translations

I have put very low priority on functionality that is not directly related to score keeping and generating correct results, but has more to do with race management. For example administering protests and licences and such. There are other and better options for those.
My mission is to do one thing, and do it well.

In closing, please contact me if you find issues within ZW 5. I try to react as soon as possible. I am just one guy with a day job, so please be patient if I can’t fix your problem quickly.

One piece of advice: try first if ZW 5 will support your regatta demands. If not, let me know. You can still use ZW 4 until I have caught up; it will remain available. Both versions of ZW can be installed together on the same computer.

End of Beta period

Dear ZW users,

This month (januari 2021) I will be ending the Beta-testing period of ZW and make ZW5 available for everyone.

Effective immediately I have removed the need for creating an account and logging in to download ZW4. Anyone can do this now. The link to the Beta test page is removed. Registration will move to the program itself, which will make things easier for everyone.

ZW 5 is not completely finished yet. I still have things to do. The last few months I unfortuntely got delayed because of private and work related things that I had to take care of, so ZW got a low priority.

The main reasons for ending the Beta at this moment is that the new sailing season is about to start (hopefully), and I want to give everyone a chance to get familiar with the new and improved ZW, despite the fact that there is still some functionality to be added. It also gives me time to fix issues that you undoubtedly will find.

So, keep watching this site, I will get back to you soon.

Gerhard Bouma

Testers wanted

First, it seems that when you aren’t logged in, the Download menu shows a blank screen. I don’t know the cause of this, it’s a WordPress issue. So I’m looking into that. When you are looking to download ZW 4, please create a login here. When you are logged in, the Download menu will show you the proper page.

Next, apart from taking a well deserved summer break, we achieved a nice milestone. I will publish on that later.
But at the moment I could use some more testers. If you are interested and if you are somewhat of a ZW expert with plenty of flexibility, please let me know by mailing your UserId to zwscoring(at)
I especially need testers that can look at the different Handicap systems that are present in ZW. I expect issues there.

Currently I’m working on the ‘Make Schedule’ form and creating a bunch of lists in the Listings menu. When this is done I’ll release my first public version.
After that I will be looking into the ORC stuff etc. So, plenty to do.

I hope to hear from you.

Best regards

First Beta test has started

I’m very happy to announce that after more than two years of development, a first beta-test version of the new ZW-Scoring 5 has been rolled out to a few testers. A lot of work still remains to be done, but so much is ready that the functionality that is most important can be reviewed.

When the quality of the program reaches a level that more testers can be involved I will let you know. For now I think this small group can keep me quite busy.

I’m relieved and excited to have reached this milestone.