Support when using ZW 5

When you start using ZW5 for your regatta for the first time, and are not familiar with it, then please don’t wait until the last evening before your event starts to try things out. I will help if I have time, but asking me to look at things at the last minute may turn out to be a problem.

Please find a quick start guide below.
This manual is permanently incomplete, but I’ll try to add as much content in it as I can, mostly triggered by your questions. Some parts are finished, some parts are incomplete, but I’ll update this as often as I can.

Last update date: 2-7-2021

You can contact me through my Facebook page (see menu on the right) or mail me at zwscoring[at]zw-scoring[dot]nl. Replace the [at] by @ and [dot] by . before sending the mail.

Version Release notes
I’m getting quite a bit of very good feedback from users that are organizing regattas with handicaps.
In this fix release I fixed adding competitors, that are not in 1-Design fleets, after there are already finished races.
And removed a warning on deleting competitors when they don’t have real scores, but just DNC and such.
Fixed a bug with propagating changed handicaps to other competitors with the same boat type and Spi setting
Fixed an issue with changing Texel rating handicaps
Fixed a problem with duplicate class names when finishing. Please make sure there are no duplicate class names in your regatta, the search is case insensitive. When finishing the system may find the wrong class
Experimental: Made it possible to import the Manage2Sail excel format without renaming all your column names. Some columns need to be combined by hand., and
There was still an issue with entering dates, ZW now presents a date in your regional data format, but accepts slightly other formats.

  • Fixed a few issues with switching competitors back and forth to the ‘Not a competitor’ fleet
  • Centered compact HTML output
  • Added Rule A5.3 text to results output, when activated on the ‘General’ options form
  • Improved handling of the folder where regatta output is saved to, it won’t change if you change the regatta name, but you can change it yourself on the second tab of the ‘General’ options form
  • On special request I added the ‘Compact’ option to HTML output so ZW will generate HTML in the more compact ZW4 manner.
  • Put in some more intelligence to better fix regattas that were saved incorrectly in the past
  • Quicker loading of larger amounts of classes and countries
  • Improved date handling more, I hope it’s better than before
  • Fixed a small issue when deleting a contestant.

Version Release notes

Sorry to confront you with another release so quickly after the last one, but I couldn’t let this sit over the weekend.

Fixed another issue with saving your regatta, the main reason for this release

Fixed date handling for en-US etc (or rather anything not nl-NL)

Improved import of contestants via Excel/CSV/TXT, specifically when importing Fleets that are different from the Classes in it

Fixed a specific issue with finishing and the finish options

Version release notes

Fixed an issue with the registration when you are offline.

Fixed an issue with not all relevant information of a regatta not being saved to file. This showd up when loading your file on another computer.

The Freeze handicaps menu item on the Finish menu only showed up after more than 1 race was entered.

Added output listing for Handicaps, Print and HTML. Not all Handicap overviews can be printed yet, they will follow soon. Currently only SW is tested.

Fixed some issues with the loading of translations. Still, some items are not being translated when the language in the regatta is different from the general language.

Sometimes, after the Splash screen, the main window for ZW won’t show. This is because the location parameters for some reason get out of the scope of your screen. ZW will now fix this automatically.

Copy/Pasting data into an excel to import contestants will sometimes contain CR and LF characters (Carriage Return and Line Feed). This messes up the printing of the results. When importing Excel, ZW will change these characters to space.

When printing results for several or all fleets at once, where the fleets had different amounts of sailed races, unsailed races would also be outputted. This is now fixed.

Version release notes
Fixed an issue with (SW) Handicaps, it was not possible to enter decimals
Inputting finish times did not always work correctly
Improvements for the E_Captain results upload and better registration options for this
Added startdate and enddate for regattas on the General regatta options form, currently this is only outputted to the E-Captian XML
Fixed several small issues that would crash the program

If you have any issues, please let me know. Only that way can I imporve the program