The Sailing Regatta Scoring program ZW 5 is used for the scoring of regattas.

There are no limits for the number of races, competitors, classes or fleets.

ZW 5 currently supports the following languages: English, Italian, Polish, Frisian and Dutch.
Support for other languages is possible, if you want to join the translation effort please let me know.

The following scoring systems are supported:

  • Bonus-Point System  (formerly known as Olympic)
  • Austrian scoring (starters)
  • Austrian scoring (registrated for series)
  • Low-Point System
  • Low-Point System with .75 or .9 score for place 1

The program is based on the ISAF regulations, as described in the Racing Rules of Sailing.

The program can calculate with discards. The number of discards is completely user defined.

Results can be calculated with the following handicap formulas:

  • ORC (Club & International)
  • SW-factor
  • Texel Rating
  • Portsmouth
  • PHRF
  • IRC

Much attention has been given to the entry of finishing sequences. Finishlists need not be separated per fleet. ZW will match the fleet for each entered boat. In most cases the entry of just the sailnumber will be sufficient. Only if a sailnumber is duplicated in the regatta, the program will ask for the complete sailnumber (incl. Class and Country).

After decisions of a Jury, you will be able to quickly present revised Results.

Competitor listings by fleet or by sailno, finishlists and results can be printed. In addition lists of duplicating sailno’s and addresslabels can be printed.

ZW can prepare HTML pages and PDF files with results for immediate publication onto the Internet.