End of Beta period

Dear ZW users,

This month (januari 2021) I will be ending the Beta-testing period of ZW and make ZW5 available for everyone.

Effective immediately I have removed the need for creating an account and logging in to download ZW4. Anyone can do this now. The link to the Beta test page is removed. Registration will move to the program itself, which will make things easier for everyone.

ZW 5 is not completely finished yet. I still have things to do. The last few months I unfortuntely got delayed because of private and work related things that I had to take care of, so ZW got a low priority.

The main reasons for ending the Beta at this moment is that the new sailing season is about to start (hopefully), and I want to give everyone a chance to get familiar with the new and improved ZW, despite the fact that there is still some functionality to be added. It also gives me time to fix issues that you undoubtedly will find.

So, keep watching this site, I will get back to you soon.

Gerhard Bouma

Latest news

Unfortunately Sailing.today, a Dutch payed online platform for administrating Saling Regattas, has been forced to cease all activities as of now. The Corona crisis was fatal for their continuity.

Since ZW has no business model, we will continue as before. The Corona crisis has affected me also in that my priorities shifted, like everyone else’s.

But work hasn’t stopped and I hope that as soon as Sailing commences you can enjoy the new ZW.

Everybody stay safe!