Progress delayed

Due to the very nice weather and increasing outdoor activities, progress on ZW 5.0 has slowed down more than I had anticipated earlier this year.
The Datamodel and GUI flows are worked out, but a new version won’t be available this summer. Testing will probably start later this year, so please bear with us. I will keep you informed on this page.

About Linux and MacOS:

Regularly I get questions about the availability of ZW-Scoring for Web, Linux or MacOS.
Leo Eggink has built ZW with Visual Basic 6 specifically for the Windows platform. Right now I am converting it to VB.Net, still on the Windows platform, which is quite a task in itself due to the many differences between VB6 and The latter is more or less Object Oriented, which I try to use as much as I can. I hope this will make a future move to rebuilding ZW in the Java language more easy. This is needed before thinking about releasing versions for Linux and MacOS.
ZW on the Web is also something I am thinking about, but at the moment this has no priority.
Kind regards
Gerhard Bouma


As of March 1st 2018, Leo Eggink has transferred the maintenance of ZW to Gerhard Bouma and Eric Mehlbaum.
The intention is to release an updated Windows 10 version 5 in the late spring/early summer of 2018.