ZW4 is no longer available for downloading. If there are specific reasons why you still need this version, then contact me. I can either provide you with the program or adjust ZW5 to meet your needs.

ZW is free software, but if it is of value to your club you can help me cover my costs by donating. Thank you!

ZW 5 runs on 64-bit Windows with reasonably modern specifications. You need Administrator rights to install it and preferably an internet connection for registering the installed software.

ZW-Scoring version

If your installation fails with unclear messages, try to disable your virus scanner (and turn it back on right after the install). Some virus scanners (like Panda) are extremely strict, I really wonder what software they do let through. 🙂
Running the software after (re)installing is not a problem.

You can contact me through my Facebook page (see menu on the right) or mail me at zwscoring[at]zw-scoring[dot]nl. Replace the [at] by @ and [dot] by . before sending the mail.