Known issues

Current ZW 5 version:

NrIssueWhereScheduled DescriptionStatus
41BugOverallTranslations are not propagated correctly when changed
40BugSplit MRCheck dropdown boxes Split for Medal Race / print flow
39ToDoPrepare for ISAF RRS 2021-2024 due 01-01-2021
38WishFinish5.00.05.18Go back to normal finish input on start new race finishSolved
37BugSplitting5.00.05.18Dropdown boxes were editable, conformed to ZW4Solved
36TechLogging5.00.05.18Remove old logging files after 14 daysSolved
35BugOutput5.00.05.18Malformed output after splittingSolved
34BugCompetitorsCrash in Competitors form on specific PC
33GUIFinishInvestigate turning off sound on enter on specific PC
32WishOutputMake headers somewhat more configureable
31BugImport5.00.05.18When importing competitors for the group phase, with groups for more than x races, the max amount of races (if x) will not get adjusted accordinglySolved
30GUI5.00.05.18Two splash screens is too much, combine or remove oneSolved
29GUI5.00.05.18Change texts on buttons EXIT to CancelSolved
28WishHelpPlease document changed functionality compared to old ZW
27WishResultsCollect results for multiple fleets on one page when printingWill take some complicated redesigning
26GUIMain5.00.05.18Lists menu item is not blocked after closing regattaSolved
25GUIGeneral5.00.05.18Regatta titles are not directly visible in the headers tab, headers title has #Solved
24GUIThere is a possibility for doubling points in finals. How and where? Should be easier
23TechDB IO5.00.05.18Technical issue with database transactions (log provided)Solved
22GUIResults5.00.05.18Create possibility for UK RYA provided suffix for sail numberSolved
21WishMain5.00.05.18Easier open/close and remove regatta’s. It’s now unclear
20WishMain5.00.05.18Provide more info on what ZW does in the background -> Status bar
19GUIDiscards5.00.05.18Discards Form doesn’t react correctly to Tab and Mouse keySolved
18BugFinish5.00.05.16Start date is not savedSolved
17GUIMain5.00.05.16Auto open last edited regatta Solved
16GUIFinish5.00.05.16After selecting a race the cursor does not move to the Sailno fieldSolved
15GUIFinish5.00.05.16After incorrect finish entry you can’t re-enter but the cursor goes to the Sailno fieldSolved
14GUIFinish5.00.05.16When entering penalties like OCS or UFD etc, the next sailno gets the same penalty. Solved
13PrintFinishlist5.00.05.16Differences between partial result and complete resultNot wrong(?) but at least interesting
12GUIFinish5.00.05.16After selecting double Sailno the Sailno field is not selectedSolved
11GUIFinish5.00.05.16After finishing a Sailno and pressing enter again, the same Sailno should be reselected to edit the resultSolved
10GUIFinishEntry of DNF, DNS, UFD etc is in a different location than in the old ZWSolved
9GUIMain5.00.05.16First fleet not selected by default on Main form, confusingSolved
8GUIOutput5.00.05.15First fleet not selected when entering Output formSolved
7BugInstall5.00.05.15Issues with installing for single userDisabled this option for now
6GUIFinish5.00.05.15Set focus on Sailno when finishing Solved
5BugFinish5.00.05.15Exception after Finish->Actions->CancelSolved
4BugFinish5.00.05.15When finishing 1-Design fleets you can’t enter half places to move a contestant up in the list.Solved
3GUIFinish5.00.05.15When finishing non 1-Design fleets (times) the cursor doesn’t go back to the Sailno fieldSolved
2GUIFinishCopy TN Factor from previous raceWaiting for regatta export / example
1PrintFinishlist5.00.05.15Finish times were not printed correctly when entering times with seconds above 50, due to a rounding issueSolved
Known issues