Known issues

High: I will work on this to fix it as soon as possible
Medium: My regular workload
Low: When I’m fed up with all of the above, I look at these

55WishHeadersLowAdd club logo to output
Make headers somewhat more configureable size and placing
51UISubfleetsMediumYou have to save the subfleet first before adding params, inconvenient
41BugOverallLowSome translations are not propagated correctly when changed
28WishHelpMediumPlease document changed functionality compared to old ZW
27WishResultsLowCollect results for multiple fleets on one page when printingWill take some complicated redesigning
13PrintFinishlistLowDifferences between partial result and complete resultNot wrong but at least interesting
2GUIFinishMediumCopy TN Factor from previous race
Known issues