The new ZW version can support many languages, just as the previous version does. I added new texts, and many old ones need to be reviewed or corrected.

At the moment Dutch and English are complete, I can manage these on my own.
For Italian some work needs to be done.
French, Spanish, German and Polish need a lot of work. Especially the Polish, since at some point in the past, due to UTF problems, the correct characters got misformed.

At the moment there are some 1200 texts present in the system. When you are up for translating texts in any of these languages, or even other ones, please drop me a mail at I will send you an Excel sheet with about 100 texts to be translated or reviewed from English, or one of the other languages if you want, to yours. When you are not fed up after these 100, you can get more.

I’m looking forward to your mails!

Working hard to deliver ZW 5

I admit it has been a bit quiet here, but not to worry. Behind the screens I’m working very hard, almost daily, to rebuild ZW. However, this is not an easy nor a small task.

Yet, I have worked out the main structures and a lot of forms are working. Everything related to the user interface I have had to rebuild mostly from scratch and the particular ZW details I have to convert.

Today for example I spent most of the time documenting the old program where the printing and other output is done. Because newer techniques are available I will have to rebuild this completely.

Next two months I will be finishing up a lot of loose ends, I strive to have a non beta version out before Easter, albeit it may not have all the exotic functionality of the old ZW. That may come later.


Work has started again

I’m happy to say I’ve started working on ZW 5.0 again. Let’s wait and see how it goes, but I think it would be great to have a first beta test version out coming winter. After that we have to wait and see how things develop.

Please follow me on Facebook for updates.

Also we now have over 300 members on this site!

200 members

As of this week we have more than 200 registered members. That’s very nice of course. Please don’t forget to like our Facebook page (see right menu bar). And if you have time please make a small donation to keep ZW-Scoring free in the future and help cover our operational costs.

Progress delayed

Due to the very nice weather and increasing outdoor activities, progress on ZW 5.0 has slowed down more than I had anticipated earlier this year.
The Datamodel and GUI flows are worked out, but a new version won’t be available this summer. Testing will probably start later this year, so please bear with us. I will keep you informed on this page.