Support when using ZW 5

When you start using ZW5 for your regatta for the first time, and are not familiar with it, then please don’t wait until the last evening before your event starts to try things out. I will help if I have time, but asking me to look at things at the last minute may turn out to be a problem.

Please find a quick start guide below.
This manual is permanently incomplete, but I’ll try to add as much content in it as I can, mostly triggered by your questions. Some parts are finished, some parts are incomplete, but I’ll update this as often as I can.

Last update date: 2-7-2021

You can contact me through my Facebook page (see menu on the right) or mail me at zwscoring[at]zw-scoring[dot]nl. Replace the [at] by @ and [dot] by . before sending the mail.

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