Version release notes

Fixed an issue with the registration when you are offline.

Fixed an issue with not all relevant information of a regatta not being saved to file. This showd up when loading your file on another computer.

The Freeze handicaps menu item on the Finish menu only showed up after more than 1 race was entered.

Added output listing for Handicaps, Print and HTML. Not all Handicap overviews can be printed yet, they will follow soon. Currently only SW is tested.

Fixed some issues with the loading of translations. Still, some items are not being translated when the language in the regatta is different from the general language.

Sometimes, after the Splash screen, the main window for ZW won’t show. This is because the location parameters for some reason get out of the scope of your screen. ZW will now fix this automatically.

Copy/Pasting data into an excel to import contestants will sometimes contain CR and LF characters (Carriage Return and Line Feed). This messes up the printing of the results. When importing Excel, ZW will change these characters to space.

When printing results for several or all fleets at once, where the fleets had different amounts of sailed races, unsailed races would also be outputted. This is now fixed.

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