ZW 5 is available for download now!

Dear ZW users,

After almost three years of intense development I feel it’s high time to release ZW 5. You can find it on the download page but please read my releasenotes below first, they contain important information.

While working on ZW I realized once more how much work Leo Eggink has done and how happy I am that I could save his work.

As a developer on a system with more than a thousand registered users, my intention was to deliver you a 100% remake of the old ZW 4. This turned out to be an impossible task, due to the sheer size and complexity of the whole program. I also had to design and implement a lot of new stuff just to manage and support the new technical environment in which ZW 5 runs.

So, although it’s not completely done, I feel I can’t wait any longer with releasing it. New RSS rules (well, only a small change, but nevertheless), users that are starting to look for alternatives and stretched patience of a large, loyal , user group urge me to move forward. I have confidence this version will work fine for most users.

What still needs to be done?
– All documentation
– IMS/ORC Options
– Some output lists
– Some lesser used functionality
– A bunch of backlogged translations

I have put very low priority on functionality that is not directly related to score keeping and generating correct results, but has more to do with race management. For example administering protests and licences and such. There are other and better options for those.
My mission is to do one thing, and do it well.

In closing, please contact me if you find issues within ZW 5. I try to react as soon as possible. I am just one guy with a day job, so please be patient if I can’t fix your problem quickly.

One piece of advice: try first if ZW 5 will support your regatta demands. If not, let me know. You can still use ZW 4 until I have caught up; it will remain available. Both versions of ZW can be installed together on the same computer.

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