Testers wanted

First, it seems that when you aren’t logged in, the Download menu shows a blank screen. I don’t know the cause of this, it’s a WordPress issue. So I’m looking into that. When you are looking to download ZW 4, please create a login here. When you are logged in, the Download menu will show you the proper page.

Next, apart from taking a well deserved summer break, we achieved a nice milestone. I will publish on that later.
But at the moment I could use some more testers. If you are interested and if you are somewhat of a ZW expert with plenty of flexibility, please let me know by mailing your UserId to zwscoring(at)zw-scoring.nl.
I especially need testers that can look at the different Handicap systems that are present in ZW. I expect issues there.

Currently I’m working on the ‘Make Schedule’ form and creating a bunch of lists in the Listings menu. When this is done I’ll release my first public version.
After that I will be looking into the ORC stuff etc. So, plenty to do.

I hope to hear from you.

Best regards

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