Testing ZW 5

Since testing of all the possibilities of the ZW calculating machine turns out to be a very big task, I would like to ask you for a little help.

My intention is to build a large test-suite of many regattas that I can run and recalculate automatically overnight. That way I can be sure that all calculations will remain correct over time. Or that I need to do some more work.

So, please send me your *.zw files that I can use to this end. Doesn’t matter how old or how big. But preferably regattas with handicaps in them. Or other specials that you can think of.

You can mail them to zwscoring(at)zw-scoring.nl, preferably with a short description indicating what I should pay attention to for your event. I can’t guarantee I’ll reply to your mail, but your effort is always appreciated.



Ps (at) is @ of course 😄

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