The finish is in sight

Dear ZW users, thanks for your patience! And thanks for the ZW-files I received!

The rebuilding of ZW is nearing its end, I really hope to get a beta test out in four to six weeks. But, as I learned, things that look simple sometimes are exactly the opposite and take much more time than I expected. I can honestly say that in my 30+ year as IT-professional I have never had a challenge quite like this one. Needless to say I learned a lot.

In this first roll-out I mainly focus on getting scores in, correct results out and managing those in several ways. But that leaves many things to do, like almost all stuff that is related to Regatta management, for example Protests and Licences. Also all lists, besides the results, still need to be addressed. After the beta is out I will focus on creating all the remaining lists and working on the IMS/ORC options and the ISAF XRR export. Priorities will be based on the reactions I get for realizing all of these.

Anyway, first thing now is getting the beta out and fixing the issues that come out of the tests. Working very hard on it every moment I get.

Please bear with me a little longer.


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