The new ZW version can support many languages, just as the previous version does. I added new texts, and many old ones need to be reviewed or corrected.

At the moment Dutch and English are complete, I can manage these on my own.
For Italian some work needs to be done.
French, Spanish, German and Polish need a lot of work. Especially the Polish, since at some point in the past, due to UTF problems, the correct characters got misformed.

At the moment there are some 1200 texts present in the system. When you are up for translating texts in any of these languages, or even other ones, please drop me a mail at I will send you an Excel sheet with about 100 texts to be translated or reviewed from English, or one of the other languages if you want, to yours. When you are not fed up after these 100, you can get more.

I’m looking forward to your mails!

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